Best Waist Cincher 2018
Waist Cincher

Best Waist Cincher 2018

What Is A Waist Cincher?

Join us as we delve deeper into what is a waist cincher and how it works. By now, you have probably heard the term waist training making its fair share of rounds among your favorite celebrities such as Jessica Alba, the Kardashian sisters, Snooker, Jwoww and so on. If you are new to waist training, then you could be wondering, what is the craze with this new beauty and fitness trend.

To answer our initial question of what is a waist cincher, we need to first define waist training is then proceed to unmask what is a waist cincher and how you can use it to enhance your beauty and overall shape.


This is the process by which you cinch in your waist by wearing a waist cincher or waist training corset to give you the classic hourglass shape with a very tiny waist. Waist training significantly reduces the size of your core but the hips remain curvy.

Back to our original question, what is a waist cincher? This is a waist training garment that starts right below your rib cage and ends just below your navel area. In essence, it resembles a wide belt with the major difference being that a waist cincher is aimed at reducing the size of your waist.

There are two main types of waist cinchers; a latex waist cincher that uses a latex band for waist reduction and steel boned waist cincher that uses flex boning for waist reduction. However, both feature hooks and eyelets that you can use for fastening.

If you are a waist cinching newbie, most likely you are familiar with shapewear but not waist cinchers, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that waist cinching is not limited to women alone. We have waist cincher vests that are specifically tailored to men, for great, flat and sexy abs.

What is a waist cincher at the very basic, is simply learning what it is and how you can use it to improve your body and also boost your confidence. Now that we have covered the basics on what is a waist cincher, let us now move to a question that could be really troubling you.

What is Waist Training and How Does it Work?

Starting in the Victorian era, waist training was made possible by using boned corsets to change the shape and size of the wearer’s waist line. The practice is still used today, but using a boned corset has negative effects on your internal organs and bone structure since they promote an unnatural, or dramatic, hourglass shape. Today, shapewear has been designed to gradually and safely shape your waistline without damaging your internal organs or bone structure.

Most waist training suits are made with thermal latex that promotes perspiration and the compression is what shapes your waist. Not only are you able to attain an hourglass figure, you are losing weight in the process. Tight compression also helps you reduce the amount of food you eat, so you eat smaller and healthier portions. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, getting your body back in shape is faster and easier than ever when you pair it with a body shaping suit.


Is it true that just by wearing a waist cincher for a good part of my day, I am going to achieve a Cinderella kind of waist?

Well, let us first look at a few facts, then answer this question together with what is a waist cincher.

To start off, a waist cincher is simply shapewear on wheels! With a waist cincher, you literally get immediate results. You can lose up to 3 dress sizes just by putting on a waist cincher. Isn’t this amazing? Again, a waist cincher doesn’t just make your waist smaller, it also pulls in the whole of your core area and pushes your bust up, giving you an instant lift and a beautifully smooth hourglass shape.

We all know that with an amazing figure you can put on anything and look stunning. For the ladies, whilst shape-wear, will firm up your body, a waist cincher will give you a beautifully defined waist and with this new figure, you can concur the fashion industry. For the gents, if you have a dad bod or a beer gut that is always cramping your style, a waist cincher will give you lean and flat abs without showing through your outfit.

Let us set aside immediate results using a waist cincher and look at what is a waist cincher in terms of lasting results. Consistent waist training, for a minimum of 8 hours every day when combined with a healthy diet and regular workouts will yield you a permanent tiny waist.

A waist cincher is also very effective when used post-partum to regain your pre-baby body. A waist cincher will give you a flatter tummy and cinch in your waist as an added bonus. The secret to waist cinching is consistency and discipline. You can also pair it with shapewear for even better results. But, ensure that you don’t feel pain at any single time during waist training. There will be a bit of discomfort especially before your body learns the ropes of waist training but that should be it.

Now back to our question, do waist trainers work?


5 Best Waist Cincher 2018

Co’Coon Sexy Open Bust Tummy Control Shaping Camisole

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Regular exercise is not only good for weight loss but it also promotes your overall health. With that said, if you are a gym bunny who wants to attain an hourglass shape, what is a waist cincher to you? You need to get our workout latex waist cincher. This is designed a bit differently from your everyday waist cincher in the sense that it is made to be more comfortable and flexible to allow you to freely move around as you exercise.

Additionally, a workout waist cincher practically boosts perspiration, thereby helping you lose weight around your waist much faster through the reduction of the size of the fat cells around your core area.

As you exercise your core in the gym, your muscles grow in the shape of your workout waist cincher, giving you a natural hour glass silhouette.


So far, I hope your question on what is a waist cincher has been answered. But here are a few fun facts to expound more on what is a waist cincher. We are all born beautiful people but there is always a way of enhancing our inborn beauty.

A waist cincher is a great tool for doing this. Shapewear and waist cinchers go hand in hand and will bring out the best in you. For any woman, a smaller waist is always welcome and what better way to achieve this than using a waist cincher?

Now that you have more information on waist cinchers, get yourself one of our best-selling waist cinchers and shapewear and once you have gotten into the waist training groove, ask yourself, what is a waist cincher, and you will be surprised at the wide array of answers you will come up with.

Train Your Waist to Get in Shape

If you are tired of trying to squeeze into clothes that should fit or have trouble finding clothes that flatter your figure, then maybe it is time for you to consider waist slimming. Instead of dieting or engaging in extreme exercises to miraculously drop a few inches from your waistline, you can simply start waist training to achieve your ideal figure.

Before You Start Waist Training

Before you begin training your waist, you need to learn about the different types of body shapers that are available. Not all of them are capable of giving you the shape you desire. Research different brands and be sure to choose your waist training garments from a brand that you can trust.

Fit and Style Selection Waist Trainer Shapewear

Consider getting professionally fitted for your first couple of waist slimming garments to prevent errors in selection and to minimize any challenges that you may encounter during your journey. Since there are so many different types of corsets, huggers and waist cinchers for you to choose from, you should not feel limited when it comes to style and design. Keep in mind that many waist slimming garments can be worn underneath and over your clothing to make dressing while training your body much easier, enjoyable and style worthy.

Although waist training garments create the illusion of a slimmer shape, the physical results often take a little time to manifest.

Recommendation when buying Waist training Cinchers

When you’re making your purchase, keep in mind that all body shapers are not made the same. There are different levels of padding, material thickness and compression. Your clothing options should also be taken into consideration. For example, wearing a waist training body suit that also helps shape your thighs is not a good choice if you’re planning on wearing a short skirt or dress.

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