Cocoon Braless Seamless Camisole Bio-Crystals 2508

Cocoon Braless Seamless Camisole Bio-Crystals 2508

The Co’Coon Braless Seamless Camisole Bio-Crystals 2508 is a great shapewear camisole for everyday use. Comfortable but still functional, this garment helps with tummy control, enhances posture, slims the waist and lifts the bust, all in an attractive, comfortable package that is easy to slip on and off. A low-cut neck allows this camisole from Co’Coon Shapewear to be worn with your favorite bra, and snug side shoulder straps work with your existing undergarment to lift and center your bust.

Cocoon Braless Seamless Camisole Bio-Crystals 2508

A band of line lace around the lower edge of the garment helps keep it in place comfortably. The lace sticks to the skin so the camisole doesn’t roll or bunch, all the while keeping the edge of the garment from cutting into your skin or leaving ugly red marks. This camisole is ideal for wearing under all your favorite outfits. This camisole It fits under dresses, blouses and tee-shirts without wrinkling or bunching so it can be seen through the fabric. You can even wear this tummy control camisole during your workout to enhance your posture and form.

Camisole Shaper Features

  • This is a Tummy control camisole
  • Available in black or nude
  • One piece design
  • Slims stomach, waist and hips
  • Lifts the bust
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