Co’Coon Non-Latex High Compression Waist Cincher - 2104
Waist Cincher

Co’Coon Non-Latex High Compression Waist Cincher – 2104

Are you ready to eliminate a few inches from your waist? The Co’Coon Non-Latex High Compression Waist Cincher – 2104, when worn regularly, will help you do just that. The non latex waist cincher is a great choice for shaping your abdomen without causing you to experience any discomfort. If it is worn daily, it may help to improve your posture while slimming down your waist, leaving you with a thinner and sleeker appearance.

Co’Coon Non-Latex High Compression Waist Cincher - 2104

This waist trimming product fits directly underneath the bra and right above the underwear line. The Co’Coon Shapewear can be worn while you are out on a date, exercising or even sleeping. It comes with hooks attached to it and a convenient zipper that will make it even easier for you to put on. Slim your stomach down instantly as soon as you start to wear it and continue to see great results with continued use.

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High Compression Shapewear Features:

  • Non latex waist cincher
  • Classsic Waist trimming model
  • Nude and black colors available
  • Made with double powernet fabric
  • Convenient zipper for keeping garment shut
  • Sticks in one spot and does not bend when you are sitting down

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