Co’Coon Women’s Thermal Braless Shaping Cami – 2136

Co’Coon Women’s Thermal Braless Shaping Cami – 2136

The Co’Coon Women’s Thermal Braless Shaping Cami – 2136 offers an instant slimming solution to women who want to achieve a curvier figure with a slimmer stomach. Available in several sizes, it is designed to fit over your stomach while slimming down the abdominal area, thus resulting in a thinner physique.

The braless shaping cami fits perfectly under the bra of your choice and can be discreetly worn under most shirts, especially blouses and t-shirts. You can even wear this tummy control camiunderneath a dress to achieve a flattering figure. The finished look may instantly boost your confidence. The materials used on this tummy control cami will keep you as comfortable as possible and will even prevent excessive sweating while you wear the shaper.

This braless shaping cami is safe for you to wear underneath your clothes each day, whether you want to wear while you are at work or while you are at the gym for exercise. Stay comfortable while achieving the perfect shape with this excellent shaping product offered by Co’Coon Shapewear.

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Tummy Control Cami Features:

  • This a braless shaping cami
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Lightweight material to keep you cool
  • Makes the stomach appear flatter
  • Safe to wear on a daily basis

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