Curveez Thermal Body Wrap Girdle for Weight Loss
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Curveez Thermal Body Wrap Girdle for Weight Loss

Do you want to have the perfect beach body in no time? The Curveez Thermal Body Wrap may help you lose inches and extra weigh at a faster pace. Slim down several areas of your body by applying the body wrap directly to it. Although commonly used on the stomach, you can also apply this bodywrap shapewear to other areas that you would like to slim down too, such as your thighs and arms.

With regular use, you can get the toned stomach that you have always wanted. Conveniently apply this Co’Coon Shapewear wrap to your body before bed, place a waist cincher right on top to keep it perfectly in place and then sleep in it for several hours. Along with slimming down your body, this product may start to reduce the appearance of both cellulite and stretch marks that you may have. Take control of your body with a product that is organic, comfortable and effective.

Thermal Body Wrap Benefits and Features:

  • inexpensive thermal disposable wrap
  • made of organic compounds such as soybean oil and caffeine
  • can be applied to any target area on the body along with your preferred beauty cream
  • enhances weight loss by increasing sweat
  • improves skin (tightening & firming)
  • targets problem areas
  • helps with localized sweating
  • color: black
  • Combats unwanted cellulite

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