Stylish Shaping Legwear for Everyday Use

Stylish Shaping Legwear for Everyday Use

Shaping legwear is a current trend that melds the look of leggings with the function of shapewear. While traditionally shapers are worn under clothing, shaping leggings can be used on their own. The legwear shapes your legs, waist, and thighs by providing slight compression. The leggings can be worn anywhere you would normally wear them, and shaping legwear also includes pants, tights, and pantyhose.

Invisible Shaping

The benefit of shaping legwear is that its function is virtually undetectable. Many clothing companies make shaping legwear that look just like normal legwear. Shaping leggings can be found in traditional black, and with various colors, patterns and lengths. Pantyhose are made with increasing quality so you won’t end up looking twice your age, and shaping tights mimic the look and feel of regular tights, so you can pair them with your favorite dresses and skirts.

Stylish Shaping Legwear for Everyday Use

The Benefits of Shaping Legwear

As we get older, our bodies lose their normal elasticity. Additionally, the pressure to look like the models on the covers of magazines increases with every year. But do you know what those models aren’t telling you? Most use shapewear. Some are even publicly sharing this fact, like Tiny Fey who undressed down to her shapewear on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Shaping legwear gives women the confidence to step out fashionably and functionally. You have an active lifestyle. Why not let your legwear do part of the work?

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